Welcome to Carolina Floor Systems

Carolina Gypsum Floors was founded in 1980 as one of the first dealers in the Gyp-Crete Corporations national network. The Charlotte based company pioneered the introduction of the innovative products line which has since become the world-wide standard in the floor underlayment industry. Additionally, Carolina has perennially ranked in the top three volume producers with over 250 million square foot poured to date.

In the early 1990's, the Level-Right family of cements and Portland based products was introduced and the gypsum-based focus of the network expanded into more technical markets. At the time, Gyp-Crete Corporation became the Maxxon Corporation, and we became Carolina Floor Systems, Inc. Within the world renowned Maxxon family, Carolina Floor Systems continues to maintain its uniquely successful stature. Nationally, we were the 1st to establish a viable single family market, which remains prominent to this day. Likewise, in all aspects of new construction and renovation application, it is common knowledge through our 300 plus satisfied customer base in the Carolina’s alone that we consistently set the standard for cutting edge performance and unmatched turnkey service. Our commitment to these values remains the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

We Are The Floor Specialists!


“I have done business with Carolina Floor Systems for the past 15+ years. They have always performed work with highest regard to quality, timeliness and value. I give my personal and professional recommendation for Carolina Floor Systems, and would use them on all my flooring needs.”

Steve Ratzlaff / Owner / Heard-Ratzlaff Construction